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We were extremely honored to partner with BNY Mellon|Pershing on their latest research report, “Why the Sale of Your Firm Should Be Viewed as a Catalyst for Growth.”  Too often, advisors view the sale of their firm as the “end game,” rather than as the impetus for the next stage of growth for their practice.  In this report, we examine the various motivations for both Buyer and Seller and highlight the fact that, despite popular opinion, most transactions are not propelled solely by monetary gain, but a goal of achieving something bigger for both the Buyer and Seller.

We profiled three recent transactions that show how Sellers have drastically increased their capacity for growth by plugging into a larger infrastructure supplied by the Buyer.  We also highlight the avenues for growth available to Sellers:

  1. Established and Centralized Operations Support
  2. Renewed Focus on Client Relationships
  3. Addition of Specialized Resources and Technology
  4. Being Part of a Larger Organization = Larger Prospective Clients
  5. Being Part of a Larger Organization = More Career Opportunities for Employees
  6. Partnering with a Larger Organization Increases Success of Future Sub-Acquisitions

We hope you enjoy this report and find is useful in planning your next merger/acquisition.

Click here to view full report.