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EP 1 - Jeff Fuhrman of Coastal Bridge Advisors & Tony Craun of Sand Hill Global Advisors

In our inaugural episode, Matt sits down with Jeff Fuhrman of Coastal Bridge Advisors and Tony Craun of Sand Hill Global Advisors.  These two were gracious enough to be profiled in our latest white paper, “Exploring the Benefits of Professional Management for RIAs: A Deeper Look into Chief Operating Officers.”  Matt, Jeff, and Tony discuss the strategies they incorporate to successfully tackle their day-to-day responsibilities, help their firms grow, and much more, including:

  • The history and background of Coastal Bridge Advisors and Sand Hill Global Advisors
  • How their personal experiences affect their current roles in their respective firms
  • How Jeff and Tony handle inevitable challenges that come with the growth their firms have experienced
  • Tony dives deeper into Sand Hill Global Advisors’ millennial hiring campaign
  • Jeff describes Coastal Bridge Advisors’ hyper-specific job descriptions, and how they maintain their relevancy
  • How their respective firms view M&A/industry consolidation, and how they personally influence those views within their respective firms
  • And finally, what makes for a successful day in their roles?

Keep a lookout for Episode 2, which will feature Gary Bonner of Avalon Advisors and Mike Lee of LourdMurray.

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