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In the tenth episode of The COO Roundtable, Matt takes some time to reflect on some of the highlights and biggest takeaways from the nine content-packed episodes we’ve produced so far and he even finds time to squeeze in a Princess Bride reference!  By focusing on all the unique perspectives that our guests bring to the table—including a number of COOs and operations professionals, as well as CEOs and service providers—we can see how the COO role is multifaceted and can encapsulate so many different responsibilities depending upon the needs of the firm.  Listen in to learn how a COO can be an instrumental part of an RIA’s C-suite through:

  • Applying a keen attention to detail in process documentation
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Balancing profit and growth
  • Leveraging technology to improve the client experience
  • Making the firm operate its best through improved workflows
  • Delineating tasks among the C-suite and employees
  • Making client relationships more sticky
  • Preparing the firm for M&A and/or implementing an acquisition
  • Listening for the most pressing needs of the firm
  • Supporting employees to best support the end client

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