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EP 14 - Industry Spotlight: M&A Landscape for RIAs

With M&A activity at an all-time high and no sign of stopping anytime soon, we take a break from our usual interview format here in Episode 14 and Matt speaks directly to our listeners about the ever-important topic of Buyer Preparation.  For any firm to be a successful buyer in this ultra-competitive M&A market, we believe they first need a strong COO and well-defined back-office systems and workflows, as these are what Sellers are looking for when comparing their options of who to partner with and entrust with their client assets.  With the goal of highlighting the importance of having the proper infrastructure in place before jumping into the M&A game, Matt draws inspiration from Christina Townsend’s recent InvestmentNews article “RIAs: Shopping for M&A Deals?: Better Get Your House in Order First…” Chris Voss’s Never Spit the Difference, and even sprinkles in a little humor with an Old School reference when discussing “capacity, people, and technology.” Matt’s “rant” includes:

  • Setting realistic expectations for acquisitions
  • The importance and value of a comprehensive onboarding plan for M&A
  • The fears employees face during the transition period and how to handle those situations in a way that is fair and productive for both firms
  • The 7 Components of Successful M&A strategies
  • How the COO can be leveraged during M&A transactions

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