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EP 18 - Steven Beals of EP Wealth Advisors & Eric Hehman of Austin Asset

In the 18th episode of The COO Roundtable, Matt welcomes Steven Beals, Chief Administrative Officer of EP Wealth Advisors and Eric Hehman, Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Austin Asset.  EP Wealth Advisors manages $6B of AUM across 14 offices with their  headquarters in Torrance, California.  Managing over $1B in AUM, Austin Asset is aptly headquartered in Austin, Texas.  As the country adjusts to “the new normal,” Matt, Steven, and Eric discuss how crucial the COO position has been in successfully keeping firms running now and in the future.  Other topics of conversation include:

  • Background on their respective firms, what clients they serve, and a fun story about Luke Sonnen’s playdate arriving at the Sonnen house wearing an EP Wealth Advisors baseball uniform
  • Their career paths, specifically Eric’s long tenure at Austin Asset and his path from unpaid intern to CEO, and Steven’s interesting journey in the industry that included moving to Arizona and his promotions at Charles Schwab which lead to various management roles
  • Coordinating their firm’s operations and services to succeed in a work from home environment
  • How EP Wealth Advisors has made their firm an attractive home for advisors
  • Eric discusses his book Success and Succession: Unlocking Value, Power, and Potential in the Professional Services and Advisory Space
  • Career paths for professionals invested in the operational space

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