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EP 22 - Karen Denise of CAPTRUST & Kaylyn Melia of Socius Family Office

In this special episode of The COO Roundtable, Matt recorded live for Bob Veres’ Insider’s Forum.  For those unfamiliar with Insider’s Forum, it “is designed to provide essential information for running and growing prosperous businesses and better serving clients, advanced technical content, as well as valuable opportunities for networking with industry thought leaders.”  Matt had the pleasure of interviewing Kaylyn Melia, Chief Operating Officer at Socius Family Office and Karen Denise, Senior Director in charge of Client Service at CAPTRUST.  Socius Family Office is headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and has one office just outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  With approximately 100 different client families, Socius Family Office manages approximately $550M in assets.  A well-known name in the industry, CAPTRUST is headquartered in North Carolina and has over 30 locations and 721 employees.  They manage roughly $400B in client assets across their various business lines.  Matt, Kaylyn, and Karen’s thoughtful conversation covers just how involved operations professionals are in all aspects of a firm; they also discuss:

  • Overview of their respective firms and the clients they service, such as Socius Family Office’s focus on young professional athletes and entrepreneurs and CAPTRUST’s concentration on foundations and institutional retirement plans
  • The professional background of each guest and how they entered the wealth management industry
  • Fantastic career advice from both women including Kaylyn explaining how “Small wins can add up,” and Karen reminding professionals “Don’t limit your thinking to your current role”
  • How each firm manages growth in a profitable and scalable fashion
  • Where each guest goes for further industry-specific education

It was a great honor to record our podcast live as part of the conference. We’d like to thank Lisa Crafford of BNY Mellon Pershing and Shaun Kapusinski of HIFON for providing this opportunity.

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