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EP 24 - Phil Hildebrandt & Paul Lythberg of Segall Bryant & Hamill

In the 24th episode of The COO Roundtable, which marks our podcast’s 2nd anniversary, Matt welcomes two prominent guests from Segall Bryant & Hamill: Chief Executive Officer Phil Hildebrandt and Chief Operating Officer & Chief Compliance Officer Paul Lythberg. Segall Bryant & Hamill is headquartered in Chicago, IL, has been in business for over 26 years, and manages $22B of client assets.  Matt, Phil, and Paul discuss how their CEO and COO roles work together to ensure “the trains are running on time,” the nuances of running a large organization, and much more, including:

  • Overview of Segall Bryant & Hamill’s history and services
  • We hear Phil and Paul’s background, including Phil’s start with the firm in 1995 when SBH was in its startup phase and how Paul has honed his skills from his days at Allstate to joining SBH 8 years ago
  • How SBH’s growth required investments in their infrastructure and professional management, which led to Paul’s COO role allowing him to free up more of Phil’s time and increase organizational scalability
  • Their views on culture, including Phil’s take that culture is a “living, breathing, organism you can’t fabricate”
  • How our guests manage change in their larger-than-average firm
  • The Key Performance Indictors they rely on to get a picture of the “health” of their business

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To read a full transcript of this episode, click here.