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EP 25 - Lisa Cook of Pacific Portfolio Consulting & Erica Farber of Balentine


In the 25th episode of The COO Roundtable, Matt welcomes Lisa Cook, the newly-appointed COO at Pacific Portfolio Consulting in Seattle, WA and Erica Farber, Partner at Balentine in Atlanta, GA. Balentine’s 39 employees manage $3.5B in assets under advisement and Pacific Portfolio Consulting manages $3.8B in client assets with 17 employees.  Lisa and Erica join Matt to discuss how RIAs can leverage the role of the COO to its fullest potential, including the following topics:

  • The history, ideal client, and service offerings of both firms
  • Erica and Lisa’s respective backgrounds, including the support Erica received when she “raised her hand” and asked for a larger role, and Lisa’s industry experience while being caught in “merger mania”
  • How they each impact their firm’s culture, including Lisa’s opportunities as the first COO in Pacific Portfolio Consulting, and how Balentine empowered their employees to create their present-day authentic culture
  • The strategies they use to gain adoption and affect change in their organization
  • How RIAs should rate the success of their COO
  • How their firms are preparing themselves to be “M&A ready”

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