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EP 26 - Kelly Downs of Berman Capital Advisors & Matt Ran of Telemus Financial Life Management

In the 26th episode of The COO Roundtable, our host, Matt Sonnen, welcomes Matt Ran, Chief Operating Officer and Partner of Telemus Financial Life Management, and Kelly Downs, Chief Operating Officer of Berman Capital Advisors.  Telemus has two offices in Michigan, another in Chicago, and manages $3.5B in AUM.  Berman Capital Advisors also manages $3.2B is headquartered in Atlanta, GA and has two additional offices in Chicago. Matt, Kelly, and Matt discuss how a COO impacts all aspects of a firm’s success, including client “stickiness”, adopting new technology, and much more including:

  • An overview of their firms’ backgrounds
  • Matt and Kelly’s professional backgrounds and how they shifted toward professional management after both spent time as financial advisors
  • What new initiatives each firm implemented during the pandemic that they plan to keep long term
  • How each firm has placed priority and continued to focus on culture even in a Work From Home environment
  • Each firm’s growth-oriented projects and outlook for 2021

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To read a full transcript of this episode, click here.