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EP 27 - Kara Armstrong of CapSouth Wealth Management & Nick Maggiulli of Ritholtz Wealth Management

For this special edition of The COO Roundtable, Matt recorded live from Mercer Capital’s inaugural RIA Practice Management Insight’s conference. This virtual conference “focused on back of the house (operational) issues that are as vital to success as they are easy to ignore.” Joining Matt as guests were Kara Armstrong, Chief Operating Officer of CapSouth Wealth Management and Nick Maggiulli Chief Operating Officer (and Data Scientist) of Ritholtz Wealth Management. CapSouth Wealth Management is headquartered in Dothan, AL and has two other locations in Georgia and North Carolina, and they manage $650M in client AUM. Ritholtz Wealth Management is located in New York, NY, has 33 employees, and manages $2B in AUM. Together, Matt, Kara, and Nick discuss how COOs drive efficiencies and manage their most important clients – the employees of their respective firms.  Other topics covered include:

  • Each guests’ professional background and personal journey that led them to their current role, including Kara’s route via finance and Nick’s background as a data scientist
  • Overview of their respective firms and their growth visions for 2021
  • How each guest defines their role as COO due to their firm’s unique demands
  • The ways Kara and Nick balance being “behind the scenes” while making sure they are recognized for their hard work and contributions to their firm
  • How they each tackle integration of the various tools and systems that make up their firm’s technology stack

We’d like to thank Mercer Capital for providing this opportunity.

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