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In the 30th episode of The COO Roundtable, Matt welcomes Michael Paley, Chief Operating Officer at Klingman & Associates and Kevin Hrdlicka, Chief Operating Officer at Savant Wealth Management.  Klingman & Associates is located in New York City, has 18 employees and manages $2.7B in client assets.  Savant Wealth Management is headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, has 18 offices across the country and manages just under $11B.  Matt, Michael, and Kevin discuss how professional management drives RIAs to the next level and much more, including:  

  • The background of each guest’s firm, their ideal clients, and how each firm has historically grown assets under management
  • Our guests’ professional backgrounds, including Michael’s time as an early employee at Focus Financial Partners and his continued growth in the industry, and Kevin’s career-spanning journey with Savant Wealth Management
  • How they, as COOs, support their firm’s growth, including Kevin’s input on “specialization” and Michael’s advice to think “five years ahead”
  • How the COO is the “keeper of the client experience”
  • What each guest does on a daily basis to make employees as successful as possible
  • The KPIs our guests use to monitor the health of their respective firms

You can read the full transcript here.

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