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EP 34 - Jennifer Papadopolo of RegentAtlantic & Matt Wiles of Crestone Capital

In the 34th episode of The COO Roundtable, Matt welcomes two amazing guests: Jenn Papadopolo, COO of RegentAtlantic, and Matt Wiles, COO of Crestone Capital.  RegentAtlantic is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey and has a satellite office in New York City.  They have 70 employees and manage $6B in AUM.  With 50 employees and approximately $3.5 billion of AUM, Crestone Capital is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and has offices in Denver, Austin, Los Angeles, and a brand-new office in Salt Lake City.  Matt, Jenn, and Matt discuss the intersection of HR and Operations and much more, including:  

  • An overview of each firm
  • Each guest’s career background, including Jenn’s long tenure at RegentAtlantic and the unique perspective Matt has gained from being both an advisor and COO
  • The different services each firm offers their clients beyond traditional wealth management
  • How each guest acknowledges and empowers their ops teams
  • The biggest challenge they are each facing today

Read the full transcript here.

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