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EP 37 - Jason Mirabella of WealthSource Partners & Tom Preston of Brighton Jones

For our first episode of the new year, Matt welcomes two highly accomplished guests: Jason Mirabella, Chief Platform Officer of Wealthsource Partners, and Tom Preston, Director of Client Service of Brighton Jones.  Founded in 2009, Wealthsource Partners is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California, has 35 employees and manages $1.8B in AUM.  Brighton Jones was founded in 2000 and currently has 225 employees.  They are headquartered in Seattle, Washington and manage $8.5B in AUM.   Matt, Jason, and Tom discuss how operations plays a key role in firm growth, client experience, and much more, including: 

  • An overview of each firm, including how each guests’ role fits into their overall firm structure
  • Our guests tackle the “Sales vs. Operations” divide in the industry
  • KPIs each guests calculate to gauge the health of their organization
  • How to create actionable steps from those KPIs and implement them in a firm
  • Where both guests see the industry trending in the next 18 months

You can read the full transcript here.

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