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EP 42 - Kristie Clayton of iMatter and the Visionary Forum & Melissa Bushman of AltruVista

In our latest episode, Matt welcomes two incredible guests: Kristie Clayton, Integrator at iMatter and the Visionary Forum, and Melissa Bushman, VP of Operations at AltruVista.  Kristie’s experience in banking and credit unions led her to wealth management where she found her true passion – leading teams and developing people to their full potential.  Melissa brings a history of project management consulting, sports and entertainment, and non-profits to her current role at AltruVista.  In this episode, Matt, Kristie, and Melissa discuss their role as an “integrator” and the impact it has on their firms. Other topics of discussion include:  

  • How each guest was introduced to the EOS system and how they have implemented it in their roles
  • Kristie’s creation of FIM (Female Integrator Mastermind) developing from a desire to foster a community of likeminded individuals
  • The difference between “Chief Operations Officer” and “Chief Operating Officer”
  • How each guest gets everything done in their busy schedules
  • Training and career paths for operations roles

You can read the full transcript here.

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