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EP 43 - Amanda Barrale of Moneta & Eric Sontag of Wealthspire

In our latest episode of The COO Roundtable, Matt welcomes two impressive guests: Amanda Barrale, Chief Platform Officer of Moneta and Eric Sontag, President and Chief Operating Officer of Wealthspire.  Moneta is headquartered in St Louis and has offices in Kansas City, Denver, and Boston and currently manages $32.8B in AUM with 440 employees. Wealthspire is headquartered in New York City and has 19 offices around the country.  Founded in 1995, they manage $19B in AUM and have 270 employees. Together, Matt, Amanda, and Eric have a great discussion about building RIA Operations at scale and much more, including:

  • The crucial role Operations plays in M&A
  • The balancing act of offering customization to clients in a scalable fashion
  • The conundrum of centralizing operational tasks vs. allowing advisory teams to work independently
  • How each firm uses data intelligence and transparency to communicate to the broader firm, especially in a hybrid work environment
  • Career paths for Operations team members

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