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EP 46 - Stacey McKinnon of Morton Capital Wealth

Our latest episode of The COO Roundtable features a rare single-guest format.  Stacey McKinnon of Morton Wealth recently wrote an important paper titled, “Your Career is Up to You” which features Philip Palaveev of the Ensemble Practice.  Matt and Stacey discuss the paper by turning the spotlight inward and instead of focusing on how listeners can help their firms achieve more growth, they discuss ways everyone can be more fulfilled and successful in their professional life.  Matt and Stacey have an honest and revealing conversation about their own career paths and much more including:

  • What it means to really “own” your career
  • How you can’t become the best version of yourself without the help of others
  • Common obstacles people face in their careers and how to overcome them
  • Keys to standing out in your organization to ultimately advance your career
  • How to keep your sanity through it all!

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Read the full transcript here.