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EP 47 - Julie Allen of FirstWave Financial and Chris Pelch of Vance Wealth

For our final episode of 2022, we were joined by two incredible members of our COO Society community: Julie Allen, Vice President of Business Operations at FirstWave Financial and Chris Pelch, Chief Operating Office of Vance Wealth.  FirstWave Financial began as a CPA firm in 1995 with a strong family foundation aimed to help its clients “deal with the complexity that wealth brings.”  They are located in Satellite Beach, Florida, currently have $400M in AUM and a team of 12 employees.  Vance Wealth was founded in 2003 and helps its clients tackle important questions they face when looking to retire. They have two offices in California, $450M in AUM and a team of 18 employees.  During their discussion with Matt, Julie and Chris tackle both the Human Resources and Operations component of their roles and much more including:

    • The different strategies each firm has used to successfully onboard new employees
    • How each guest handles ongoing new-employee engagement and career development
    • The steps each guest takes when evaluating different vendors
    • Time management tips and tricks
    • Their top initiatives for 2023

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