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EP 48 - Barrett Karvis of Edge Capital Group and Daryl Seaton of Sowell Management

For our first podcast of the new year (and our fourth year running!), Matt is welcomed by two exciting guests – Daryl Seaton, President at Sowell Management, and Barrett Karvis, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Edge Capital Group. Sowell Management is headquartered in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  Founded as a TAMP, they recently celebrated 20 years in business with 29 employees. They currently manage $4B in AUA. Edge Capital Group is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2007, their AUM as of last year was approaching $5 billion, and they currently have 37 employees. Matt, Daryl, and Barrett chat about how their roles as operations professionals intertwine with their firm’s inorganic growth strategies and much more including:

  •  Who supports them running their larger-than-average RIAs
  • The role of the COO in talent acquisition and talent management
  • How each guest balances scalability with customization
  • What metrics they use to judge the health of their organization

Read the transcript here.

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