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Ep 50 - Allison Felix of Cassaday & Co. & Scott Brown of Pinnacle Associates

For our milestone 50th episode, Matt is joined by two guests who are equally committed to highlighting the importance of professional management across the RIA industry: Allison Felix, Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Cassaday & Co. and Scott Brown, President of Pinnacle Associates.  Celebrating their 30th anniversary, Cassaday & Co was founded in 1993 and is a hybrid broker dealer and RIA.  They are located in McLean, Virginia, have 85 employees, and currently manage $4.5B in AUM.  Pinnacle Associates was founded in 1984 and has both an institutional and a wealth management component to their business model.  They are located in New York City, have 65 employees, and currently manage just over $7B in AUM.  Matt, Allison, and Scott discuss how the COO role impacts their teams internally, their firm holistically, and themselves personally, and much more including how each guest:

  • Navigated their career path, including Allison’s journey from Executive Assistant to Chief Operating Officer, and Scott’s beginnings as General Counsel, to CCO, COO and now President
  • Has continued to grow their skillset and advance their career
  • Tackles the HR portion of their job
  • Has affected their firm’s client experience and service offerings
  • Manages to stay sane as they tackle all their role requires

 And don’t miss Scott’s Godfather impression at the top of the interview!

Read the full transcript here.

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