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Our industry has seen tremendous growth over the past two years, and it feels like every RIA in the country is reporting record years in terms of onboarding new clients and new assets under management.  That means that most, if not all, RIAs are looking to hire additional team members to help support that growth.  Our latest course inside The COO Society details the first step in that process: the drafting of a concise job description that will hopefully entice qualified candidates to apply to your firm. 

But before we dig into the 8 Components of a Good Job Description, we wanted to make sure that all employers understand that the labor market has shifted, and The Great Resignation has arrived in the RIA industry.  Many RIA owners have their heads in the sand and don’t believe they need to court employees with the same passion and enthusiasm they court potential clients or advisors to their firm.  They are approaching the hiring process with a mindset, “These employees should be grateful they can come work for me every day,” which is a very Mad Men type of mentality.  I hope the video below wakes up at least one RIA owner to the fact that right now, all the power is in the hands of the employee, not the employer.