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Continuing our focus on professional management in the RIA space, we are proud to announce the release of our latest white paper (the tenth in our continuing educational series) highlighting the role of the Chief Executive Officer. The report focuses on how CEOs allocate their time, how they leverage their executive teams to get all necessary tasks done on a daily basis, and the Key Performance Indicators they use to constantly monitor the health of their organizations.  PFI Advisors’ research also highlights six primary benefits CEOs bring to their organizations:

  1. Vision and Organization
  2. Delegation of Responsibilities and Empowerment of Key Staff to Achieve Scale
  3. The Right Culture and Values
  4. Processes and Systems to Implement Them
  5. Building a Network of Advisors and Mentors
  6. The Firm’s Brand

This report also profiles five RIA CEOs at the helm of multi-billion-dollar enterprises who provide real-life examples of their work and how it has allowed their respective firms to evolve and remain successful: Adam Birenbaum of Buckingham Strategic Wealth, Jeff Concepcion of Stratos Wealth Partners, Heather Fortner of SignatureFD, Jamie Rooney of Corient Capital Partners, and George Stapleton of RegentAtlantic.

With this report, PFI Advisors hopes to shed light on the crucial work that CEOs do on a daily basis and further validate the benefits that professional management can provide to RIAs.

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