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We often hear from industry experts that the end game for entrepreneurs is to build their firms so they can monetize and sell them down the road as quickly as possible.  Perhaps these “experts” are missing the point?

Consider this excellent article by Ted Rubin:  “Build it to be Great – Not to Sell It”. He writes about the issues that arise from this sort of approach.

Let’s apply this thinking to our business here at PFI Advisors.  As a consulting firm, we tend to work on a project fee basis, rather than requiring multi-year contracts with our clients.  A recurring revenue stream that can set the stage for exit may or may not present itself in the coming months or years. In the meantime, we will remain focused on serving an unmet need in the RIA industry before worrying about selling the company – a theme that many advisors can relate to in their own businesses.   We are planning for the long run and are excited about the prospects that this rich industry niche represents.  The projected growth and success of the RIA industry is a wave we are looking forward to riding!

PFI Advisors’ mission is to be a continued voice in validating the RIA industry as a legitimate landing spot for billion-dollar teams and their clients’ assets.

Whether we help breakaway teams establish their billion-dollar RIAs from scratch (with no required equity give-up or expensive basis points charged on AUM), or we help firms prepare their back-office infrastructure to accommodate future M&A acquisitions, we are dedicated to the continued evolution of our industry from lifestyle practices to thriving businesses.

If we get that right, not only will our clients’ valuations increase dramatically, ours will do the same, compliments of this approach.