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We have been long-time proponents of the notion that RIAs need top tier technology infrastructure to support growth through M&A.  Many would-be Buyers mistakenly think, “If I’m the one writing the check, it is the Seller who needs to impress me.”  What they often fail to realize is that the current M&A market for RIAs has up to 12 buyers for every seller, meaning it is the Buyer who needs to impress the Seller if they hope to close a transaction.

In order to convince a Seller that a Buyer’s firm is a safe landing spot for the clients and employees of the firm he or she has spent a lifetime building, Buyers must shift from their Client Pitch to an Advisor Pitch that highlights a proven infrastructure that selling advisors can confidently plug into.  The Seller must feel that all the heavy lifting of running a business is taken care of for them, and they can go back to just focusing on their clients and prospects.  Professional Buyers have a clear and powerful benefit message that is easily understandable and appeals to the selling advisor’s long-term future and continuity goals.

In this hour-long webinar, Matt Sonnen joins Linda Ding of Laserfiche and Tim Welsh of Nexus Strategy to present the findings of our recent joint white paper.

Watch/listen to the webinar replay here.