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EP 2 - Gary Bonner of Avalon Advisors & Mike Lee of LourdMurray

In the second episode of our podcast, The COO Roundtable, host Matt Sonnen sits down with Gary Bonner of Avalon Advisors and Mike Lee of LourdMurray.  Also featured in our most recent white paper, Gary and Mike are two accomplished Chief Operating Officers who have been catalysts for incredible growth at their respective RIAs.  Matt, Gary, and Mike detail how the COO of an RIA really acts as a firm-wide business consultant; how they are more than a just technology guru; and much more, including:

  • The history and background of Avalon Advisors and LourdMurray
  • Their professional experiences and how they influence their approach to their current roles
  • How Gary and Mike cope with the natural growing pains of firms their size
  • What they feel is the main focus of their role at their respective firms
  • The two tackle the age-old debate: profit vs. growth
  • The networking groups they turn to for practice management insights
  • And finally, what makes for a successful day

Be sure to keep a lookout for Episode 3, which will feature Trevor Chuna and Shaun Kapusinksi, two operations professionals from Sequoia Financial Advisors, an RIA in Akron, OH managing over $4 billion.

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